Erosion Control Services

Based in Blythewood, South Carolina, The Royal Treatment has been performing professional erosion control installation and maintenance for over 15 years in the Columia, SC area. The company can assist you in the following  ways:

  • Installation of hog wire and silt fencing.
  • Installation of rip rap velocity breakers and check damns, in�cluding rip rap filter protection for sediment basins and storm drain inlet & outlet systems.
  • Installation of anti-erosion mat�ting plus seeding the matted area with appropriate grasses.
  • Installation of erosion logs/ filters for curbside storm drain inlets.
  • Maintenance following installa�tion.

The Royal Treatment can assist with your project in these any many other ways.  For more information, please contact us.

Workers install rip rap rock to prevent erosion in Columbia, SC in an erosion new contruction area.


Specialized materials like riprap reinforment stone is used to brace high volume washout areas.

A hogwire silt fence is installed  near a wetlands area in Columbia, SC

Experienced engineers installing part of a 1 1/2 mile stretch of silt fence with steel bracing.

The Royal Treatment, Landscape Contractors, Blythewood, SC