Welcome to the Royal Treatment Erosion Control Services Website. We have been serving the Columbia, South Carolina area with professional erosion control services for over 15 years.

At The Royal Treatment we are certi­fied (CEPSCI) in erosion prevention and sediment control. We use a variety of qualified erosion management tech­niques known as BMPs (Best Manage­ment Practices).

These include the installation of re-enforced silt fencing along wetland buff­ers, around storm drains and along curb-sides in new housing developments, at sediment catch basins and importantly around new housing lots and any other area where erosion prevention and sedi­ment control is needed.

Silt Fence Installation in Columbia, South Carolina to control erosion

Certified and Professional Silt Fence and Hogwire Installation. One of the many services offered by The Royal Treatment Erosion Control Services Company.

Commercial installation of silt fence in the Columbia area to prevent erosion


 Erosion control protects not only our soil, but also our wetlands, our water and out future. With so many construction projects currently underway, erosion control is a necessity.

Erosion Control In South Carolina Is Not An Option.

It's The Law.

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